Blogging About Construction Safety

(Policy and GuideLines Can Change Without Notice

Blogging About Construction Safety is a collection of reports, reviews and testimonials regarding the Construction Safety Environment.  Submissions will be accepted and posted after a review has be been undertaken. Fiction, non fiction, current events, reports and Tool Box Talks will be acceptable and must be about Occupational Health and Safety in the Construction Industry. However, Manufacturing, Transportation, Mining, and Oil & Gas will also be accepted.

Blogging About Construction Safety


Non Fiction * Current Events * Reports

This Genre can be a very tricky area for which to blog about. If a blog is about an actual event, Incident, Accident, or any other issue not personally related to you, proof of legal right to publish information must be obtained. As this page is almost virtually incapable of confirming all stories, reports, legalities, and circumstances, a "Waiver of Legal Obligation and Responsibility" will need to be signed.  The following guidelines must be upheld in regards to this area.

  1. Only true and accurate reports.
  2. Never embellish
  3. No mentioning of names of persons or companies unless already done so by major media sources and or legal entitlement.
  4. Support documentation must be accompanied with blogs for proof of actual events.
  5. If an opinion is part if the structured writings, then it must be labeled as such by way of a heading.
  6. Additional guidelines can be added at the discretion of this website and owner.



Yes Please. Tell us a story. One with a learning curve in the hopes of sparking the spirit of individuals to be safer while working. Is your story based on current6 events or an actual situation that happened in real world time? Let us know in case any legal issues arise.  


Tool Box Talks

Do you have a good Tool Box Talk  to share? 

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