Adopt a Park

Adopt A Park

Williams Park Abbotsford BC 

Participating in the Abbotsford Adopt A Park program is a privilege for FreeBird Safety Services. Located in this neighborhood since 2011, the sight of a park across the street is a special thing to me. When you hear kids having fun in a clean park, it brings one back to their own childhood. Family friendly with a solid picnic table and a garbage can when lunch is done. Basketball, Swings, a Slide, and a Climbing Center is provided. The grass is always cut and on the east side, an apple tree provides the perfect treat for fresh pies. At one time the back corner was used by undesirables who left broken glass and needles. That was soon rectified when I moved to this neighborhood. The last thing I ever want to hear, “a child was injured” because of the refuse left behind by certain people. Not on my watch.

Williams-Park.300x232 Abbotsford BC

Williams Park