Reviews from others is a tremendous boost when they are positive. Yet this can be rather difficult when your a safety professional. I appreciate the reviews with the kind words others have spoken about me and my company. One of my favorites is when I heard it from not just a colleague, but the instructor of the class that teaches the CNST 1100 Safety Officers course at BCIT. However it's not about seeking good Reviews. It's about doing your best to protect workers. 

Giving Back

As I said, coming from this field trip was a one of my favorit Reviews. Every few weeks a fresh class of students take the course CNST 1100. Part of the 2 week course is a field trip to an active construction site. When I attended the course, PCL Construction hosted our trip to BC Place Stadium while it was going though its remodel. Respect dictated that I give back to the program that gave me so much.

The Field Trip

I hosted over 20 CSO students from the British Columbia Institute of Technology. They came to my site in Abbotsford. A 6 story low-rise condominium project with a 2 level underground parkade, over 100 workers on site this particular day and I'm as nervous as can be. After the tour a 'Question and Answer' followed. They must have liked what they say because I revived 2 letters from Dynamic Rescue. The facilitators of the program at BCIT.


One of a few reviews I received   

  (Recovered from our old website)


This review was seen  on yellowpages 

Being  very impressed in what this worker had to say about my performance as a Construction Site Safety Officer. I was so humbled by this I had to share it.


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August 27, 2016

One of the Best safety guys Ive seen in 35 years on the job

This guy is one of the best CSOs I have ever worked with. The last job I was on in Abbotsford he packed out water every day so my crew and others didn't have to walk down 6 flights of stairs. He really knew his stuff to. Such a sham the company he was working for at that time didn't have enough respect for him or us. Hope to see you on another site soon Mike

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