Day of Mourning

Day of Mourning 

Worker Fatalities 

It's always a somber day for safety professionals on April 28. Day of Mourning, the day when Worker Fatalities are a constant hammer in the back of our minds. We try not to let it consume us as we still have a job to do. However, it still beat or minds into submission. For the ones who had a worker fatality on our job site it's even more prevalent. Remembering their face as we can still hear their voice can be overwhelming at times. Day of Mourning , a day when others remember as well. Yet the sad truth is a vast majority of the general population has no idea what Day of Mourning really is. Only afforded a few minutes on the late evening news, the events of the day unfold for others to see. Meanwhile ther hammer in the back of our minds is still a reminder of the ones who fell. As darkness falls over the city we catch ourselves staring off into nothing. Our minds working on what we could have done or will do better. Unfortunately we can't do it alone. More then one day needs to be a reminder of just how dangerous a worksite can be.


We Will Remember 

Day of Mourning

Workers Memorial Cenotaph at Thunderbird Plaza in Abbotsford BC. une 12, 2018 3 MB 3024 × 4032

Workers Memorial Cenotaph at Thunderbird Plaza in Abbotsford BC

Holland Park Memorial for a Flagger 

Margreta (Maggie) Erin Feeley from Duncan BC was only a 29 year old woman and a mother to three children. 10-year-old Sierra,  eight-year-old Adrianna, and three-year-old Cassius will now grow up without their mom. Why? Because she wa

s crushed by a dump truck, and Tragically on October 24, 2013 after a courageous fight for her life, Maggie peacefully passed away. One has to wonder how a construction site accident happens like this. The eyes of the dump truck driver should have been on his rear view mirrors following direction of the flagger. Which no radio contact the only way of communication are hand signals. However sadly another young life is lost.

The night of the memorial at Holland Park, you could see flagging trucks for blocks. Amber rotators shining bright like the life of a lady who was taken far to soon. I didn't know her But i know others just like her.  How many have to purish before things change. Only qualified people should be operating any kind of equipment, especially large trucks that can kill in a second.


For More Information; Times Colonist.