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To illustrate your concerns, Contact Us at FreeBird Safety Services. It will be an honour to hear from you, and we look forward to the correspondence. Without doubt your Safety Concern  is very important.  In the same fashion Safety is just as essential to us. As much as we like to, in some cases we can not contact you right away. Regrettably, circumstances may dictate our immediate attention to the location we are presently attending. However, if this is an emergency such as a order to "Stop Work Order" or other serious violations, please send a text message. Certainlyt a text message is quick and private. My personal cell phone number is (604) 226-5933. In either case I understasnd the need to get back to work. By comparison, settling the issue is equally required. In this situation I'll respond right away. 

Specifically and In Detail, please convey the nature of your correspondence.  That is to say, it helps us out with some prepaird information prior to contacting you about your OH&S situation. 

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