The Only First Aid

Are you the only First Aid on your site.

 I recently came across an issue I never knew existed. After all as I’m in construction site safety  and first aid employment standards was a department left to human resources. Who would suspect that they would not tell a worker who is charged with the protection and welfare of the site trades and personal that they were withholding information that was pertinent to my bottom line.  

Legal From the Employment Standards Act

Part 4, section 32 (2) states under the Employment Standards Act of BC that if you are first aid, and no other is available to take over your duties  during the day due to size the requirements of the site then your “Meal Break” is a paid for meal break. After All, how many first aid people do you know that actually take of their heavy overstuffed with medical gear vis-vest and go out for lunch. I know I don’t. 

The section reads like this “(2) An employer who requires an employee to work or be available for work during a meal break must count the meal break as time worked by the employee.” So your 30 minute deduction human resources to payroll to deduct just turned into an hours pay due to you already worked 8 or more. I only sad part about this, and well there is 2 things.

  1. If you don’t work there any longer you can only file for the last 6 months. 5 days a week equals out to 60 hours of overtime pay. Now they will challenge it, fight and you won’t see any of your overtime pay for a while. You might even have to go to meditation.
  2. The second one is a little more tricky. You’re still with your company and well you want your 2 to 3 thousand dollars.  Talk to them, maybe it was an honest mistake. After all we deal in WorkSafe BC law everyday and we don’t know it all. Talk to them see what they say. You will soon learn what side of the loyalty fence your company is on right then and there.

If you are owed overtime and still working for the company maybe a trade-off can be negotiated.



The symbol of a First Aid Attendant

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With several years in Construction, a vast amount in Masonry, when I turned 40 it was time for a change. Occupational Health and Safety was a calling I wish I discovered when I was younger. With over 30 years experience now in the trades, I have a knowledge base I wish to pass on.

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