Occupational First Aid Level III

Occupational First Aid Level III

On Site Services

First of all, as a fully trained and experienced Site Safety Professional and Occupational First Aid Attendant level III, my first duty is the prevention of Accidents and Incidents. Therefore this is achieved by way of the duties of a safety professional. Especially relevant is this includes conducting orientations, delivering safety tool box talks,  on site training, monitoring and inspections to say the least. However, due to the nature of construction in all areas, worker injuries do occur.

Legal Requirements

Because of that, as a business owner and /or employer you are obligated to follow the regulations. Hence WorkSafe BC Regulations 3.16 states you have to provide for each workplace such equipment, supplies, facilities, first aid attendants and services as are adequate and appropriate. Schedule 3-A Minimum Levels of First Aid will illustrate the First Aid requirements needed for your site. Consequently the required supplies and criteria for your facility can be exhausting to develop and coordinate. I can help mitigate some or all of that responsibility. 


What I can provide, but not limited to 

  1. Fully Trained and Certified: OFA III (8 years)
  2. Level 3 First Aid Room internal construction (in your rental structure)  
  3. First Aid Room Supplies: Bed, Medical Supply Storage (stocked), Dressing Station, Storage Shelving, Office Table and Chairs 
  4. Portable Individual Rescue Gear:  Jump Bag with Oxygen, Splints, Spine Board etc.  
  5. Complete and Secure Digital and Hard Copy Record Keeping
  6. Communications: Cell Phone, Portable Radios, Signaling Horns, Laminated Notices and Signage
  7. Office: Computer, Printer/Scanner/ Fax, Laminator, Supplies/Paper/File Folders/Pens etc. 

Or maybe you require a combination Safety Professional and First Aid