External Safety Inspections

External  Site Inspection

Construction Site Safety Inspections 

Have you ever been so busy or out of town and you need an OH&S Professional to conducted a 3rd party External Site Inspection. I'll  conduct an in depth or a moderate External Site Inspection on your behalf. Construction is a global market. Companies from one side of the country are bidding on contract thousands of kilometers away.  While you work out of your corporate headquarters in Toronto your contract is located in Vancouver.  Do you really want to fly in to YVR, rent a hotel and car, conduct an inspection then fly back. Why not hire somebody local like FreeBird Safety Services.

What I can do for you 

I'll conduct an inspection for you. Sometimes what it takes is a fresh set of eyes, looking in from outside the box. Not to have this confused with a external COR audit. At this time, that service is not apart of this company's portfolio. The inspections I do in the  Construction world are site specific, detailed, and the documentation is easy to read. Understanding that you most likely have a CSO on site, even we as onsite safety professional suffer from a form of complacency as well. Things get missed. Nobody's perfect. If it was a perfect world, every OH&S Professional would be looking for a new job. 


The Inspections 

There are to ways in which these are conducte. 

  1. Using a digital program which allows pictures with illustrations, a grading system for Risks and Hazards, plus a small assortment of other built in tools.

  2. Filling out a rough copy checklist, while separately taking pictures and making notes. After which a formal report is developed on my computer. 

I personally like the second option much better. Having used both, the creation of a detailed report on a computer is much more feasible. With more options for editing, design and ease of displaying what needs to be shown in the inspection as a whole and in part. Starting out by using my own Daily Inspection Form that I designed myself, the detailed list cover just about every aspect on a construction site. In addition to this, other sections will be added for illustrated pictures, sub notations, and requested areas of inspection. 


Performing these inspections  is charged on an hourly rate. (usually spending an entire day on site

For locations over 80 KM away from my office location, travel time could also be included.(up to 300 km away can be travelled

All charges are subject to GST.

Once the inspection is complete, turnaround time for a final copy to be emailed is 24 hours. (if requested a phone conversation can commence as soon as I leave site)  


Contact Me if you Need Me and I'll Be There

Mike Winbow 

(604) 226-5933



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