OH&S Manuals and Programs


OH&S Manuals and Programs 

Occupational Health and Safety 

Due to the fast-paced construction environment, having an OH&S Manual and Program specifically developed and coordinated for your firm is a must. While equipment has gotten bigger and faster, buildings taller and more complicated, it still requires workers to do the construction. Needless to say, they need to be protected from Accidents and Injuries. As a result, you the company owner are legally responsible and liable for their safety. Seems like we hear the same words echoing on a construction site. The worker is responsible for their own safety. Yet if a company owners employee suffers a critical injury or fatality, and you failed in your due diligence, the legal ramifications can be life altering. Subsequently who ever owns the company or runs the day to day operations are usually the ones who see a court room and even jail.

Due Diligence 

Most noteworthy is the WorkSafe BC definition states the following. "Due diligence requires taking all reasonable steps to protect workers from harm. "All reasonable steps" is based on the level of judgment and care that a person would reasonably be expected to do under the circumstances. An organization that actively manages health and safety and takes all reasonable steps to protect workers from harm is being duly diligent."


In conclusion, one of the first steps is to have a well structured OH&S Program starting with your Safety Manual.  As you can see below are links to some of the documentations FreeBird Safety Services can design company and trade specific for your firm. Most of all, once that hurdle is completed the next step is to train your employees to follow the procedures laid out. Of course, some workers will push back. Even so, with my help your persistence will prevail. Ultimately, companies hire other companies who have a great track record in safety. By the same token your profit margin will increase and your company will be asked to bid on more lucrative projects.


 Occupational Health and Safety Manuals Developed For

(just a few of many

HomeBase Construction   Complete Power Systems Ltd.   High Altitude Hydrovac  *  Reddale Construction

Occupational Health and Safety Manuals 

For your reference:

3.1 When program required *  3.2 Small operations *  3.3 Contents of program

(Keep in mind, Government Regulations are the  MINIMUM REQUIREMENT

Section I

Occupational Health & Safety 113 Pages    



Section II 

Fall Protection Program 58 Pages 




Section III

Exposure Control Plan & Respirator Program 30 Pages 



Section IV

Confined Space Program 42 Pages 


Section V

Mobile Equipment 60 Pages 


Section VII

Injury Management and Return to Work  15 Pages 


Section VI

SJP Safe Job Procedures * Safe Work Practices SWP  70 Pages 

Occupational Health and Safety Documents 

(These are but a few for demonstration

Confined Space Entry

Risk Assessment & Classification Form

Personal Fall Protection

Equipment Inspection Form