Site Safety and First Aid

Construction Site Safety and First Aid Attendant 

Combination Profesional 

Prior to my Site Safety and First Aid career, I developed in the trades. With over 30 years of experience in General Construction, the main profession I am now successfully in is Occupational Health and Safety. Indeed, I can assist you by way of consulting on your OH&S Program. Moreover, serving as a on site CSO * OFA III will certainly bring you peace of mind. For example, I started labouring at the age of 16, working primarily in the masonry fields.  However, at the age of 40 I begin the journey towards a successful career in OH&S.  Soon gaining a vast level of experiences and understanding of General Construction, serving me now on what makes an OH&S Program work at peak efficiency.

Ways I can help

Several services I can perform to increase safety within your company are listed below. Notwithstanding a combination format, or individually, allow me to assist you in gaining an Incident and Accident free work environment for all.

This can be achieved with several options 

  • As a straight employee
  • Contracted Personnel
  • Contracted Company with Supplies
  • Instructional Trainer  
  • Or a Combination Package 

Qualifications and Certifications 

OH&S Developer and Coordinator

Construction Site Safety

Occupational First Aid level III

Fall Protection Training Instructor

3M Certified Qualitative  Fit Tester