Personal Fall Protection Training

Personal Fall Protection Training Program 

Without a doubt this Personal Fall Protection Training Program is designed and instructed so as the participants will get an understanding in the legal requirements and full use of a Fall Protection System.  Specifically the course has been structured to promote and instill safety in General Construction. Furthermore a workers safety and health in the course of doing their trade task on a job site is the most important aspect of the work environment. To emphasize, the following points show the structured curriculum of training each student receives. In addition to be successful, completion of this course requires at least an 80% on the final exam. Another key point is the course policy rules at the bottom of this page. Please read them in full. 

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Fall Protection Manual and Pdf. version of the Powerpoint course material are encrypted and watermarked. Not for  Replication and Distribution


Personal Fall Protection Training Manual    


Powerpoint Course Presentation

Comic Picture promoting Fall Protection Training

The reason why we wear Fall Protection. Call for training today Mike (604) 226-5933

Course Overview

 Persons Successfully Completing This Course Will Be Able To

  • Brief Orientation and Emergency Procedures for Class Location 
  • Three basic Rights of Workers * Right to Refuse Unsafe Work
  • Comprehend the Names and Terms within Fall Protection
  • Understand and Articulate the Legislative Requirements for Fall Protection
  • Explain the Hierarchy of Fall Protection
  • Conduct Assessments and Formulate Controls of Fall Hazards
  • Guardrails, Covering Holes, Housekeeping
  • Describe a Generic Fall Protection System
  • List the Basic Requirements of an Effective Site-Specific Fall Protection Plan
  • Integrate a Fall Protection Plan into an Existing Health and Safety Management System
  • Explain the differences between an Active and Passive Fall Protection Systems
  • Describe Fall Arrest and Fall (Travel) Restraint Systems
  • Explain and Calculate the Fall Clearance for a worker
  • Practical Exercise: Taking Care of your Gear: Inspect, Clean & Store their Harnesses & Lanyards
  • Practical Exercise: Fill out the Documentation for  
  • Describe Ladder Safety Requirements
  • Describe rescue procedures and Create the Documentation for it 
  • Practical Exercise: Correctly Formulate a Site-Specific Fall Protection Plan and Rescue Procedures (a classroom exercise from a work scenario on a building over 25' high
  •  Suspension Trauma, What is it and the injuries derived from it 
  • How to correctly Donn (to put on) a Harness Correctly
  • Practical Exercise: Feel your own weight while Suspended in a Harness
  • Correctly answer a 20 Question Test (Passing Grade is 80%)

Personal Fall Protection Training 

Program Description 

  • Structured Primarily for Construction Workers. However great training for anybody who works at heights.
  • A Full Day is required. Course is 8.5 Hours Long
  • Training starts at 7:00 am with doors closed at 7:10 am
  • Finishing time is about 3:30 pm (If extra instructional time is required then thats what will be provided)
  • Breaks are at 9:30 am (15 minutes) with a 45 minute lunch at 12:00 pm Noon. (Additional breaks if needed and on request)  
  • Classroom is in a Residential Setting
  • Maximum of 6 Students at a time (creates better curriculum retention)
  • Structured Training uses a 121 frame Powerpoint Presentation 
  •                        (incorporated with videos of incidents and accidents)
  • Each student receives a 60 page manual, wallet cards to help calculate fall and swing hazards
  • Students also receive my personal business card. (for free advice and consulting 24/7) 
  • If a student fails the course, up to 2 additional hours will be used for 1 on 1 instruction and retesting (same day/after class, then retesting
  • Also provided are small snacks and endless coffee
  • Lunch is Provided  

FreeBird Safety Services Commitment to Each Student

Providing lunch for each student

FreeBird ManCave Burger


Whereas the workers safety being the prevalent cause, this Personal Fall Protection Training Program was designed with them in mind . The most compelling evidence was my son at the age of 20 years. Important to realize and by definition he is a New and Young Worker. In particular, he only received training that was classed as "Site Specific". That is to say only 30 minutes of in-house instruction was received.  Surprisingly he was geared up and working on a leading edge just after. When I heard that, I designed this training program. What he received prior wasnt training. It wasnt an orientation in Fall Protection. I wouldn't even classify it as a tool box talk. 

Relevant comparison between training programs will have you call me. Without a doubt the cost of this course, the curriculum delivered, and  the extras is one of the least expensive around. Students receive a 60 page student manual personal designed by myself, and 2 laminated wallet calculation cards for swing and fall hazard. All in all, I am also available 24/7 to every past student  with in their certification timeline. Indeed I'll answer questions, give advice and consult with graduation students. Furthermore a laminated wallet certification card will be awarded to graduating students as well as a laminated diploma for their wall. 

Of course it doesn't stop their with what the students receive. I provide lunch for my students. At 12 noon the BBQ is fired up and FreeBird ManCave Burgers are served. Coffee is endless all day. 


Policy Rules 

  • Training starts at 7:00 am with doors closed at 7:10 am
  • Exceptions can be made under special circumstances. (Must phone in or no exceptions
  • Finishing time is about 3:30 pm (If extra instructional time is required then thats what will be provided)
  • Breaks are at 9:30 am (15 minutes) with a 45 minute lunch at 12:00 pm Noon. (Additional breaks if needed and on request
  • Missed course dates can be rescheduled 
  • Level 3 First Aid Attendant is fully supplied and on location 
  • any and all injuries must be reported
  • any and all injuries received prior to training must be reported
  •  Course Cost must be provided prior to Training (can be paid for on day of)
  • Discounts for group
  • FreeBird Safety Services reserves the right to excuse any student from training for harassment of others,  violence, impairment, or criminal activity, (non refundable costs). If a workers employer has paid for the training and they are excused for any of these circumstances, their employer will be notified by phone and a formal legal report will be emailed to them. 
  • FreeBird Safety Services will not tolerate any of those behaviors mentioned. Every student has a Right To Learn without issues of others disturbing them. 

$200 Per Person + Gst

credit cards accepted

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover Card are accepted.

Contact  me Today For Course Scheduling 

Instructed by Mike Winbow

Located at 3271-Saanich St. 

Abbotsford BC 

(604) 226-5933 

Picture of the Company Owner

Owner of FreeBird Safety Services * MIke Winbow

My personal garuntee: 

Important to realize, if any student does not pass the final exam, they are welcome to stay an additional 2 hours for further 1 on 1 instruction. However, if they still are having difficulties, they will be invited to attend another full training program at no extra cost. Consequently if the successful completion of training is required for certain activities at work, certainly their employer will need to be notified of the non graduating circumstances. 

To emphasize, this course is not about profit, or notoriety. The only factor this course is about revolves around the safety of workers while on the job working at heights. Even so this includes by definition an off duty worker on the roof of their own home. 

  All things considered, Before any task, take 2 minutes and ask yourself one important question.

"What could go wrong"