The Project 

From the summer of 2015 to the fall of 2016, I was the Site Safety and Level 3 First Aid  at La Galleria. This was a 6 story low-rise condominium project with a 2 story parcade underground. In just over 13 months on this project I protected the trades in over 155,000 working trade hours. Starting just as the shotcrete was finishing up I started developing the prime contractors  OH&S program from scratch during construction. Implementing a structured system that included a JHSC committee, New and Young Workers / Green Hand Program, Fall Protection Program, as well Hot Work Permits, Exposure Control Plans and dedicated dates for Full Site Safety meetings where at some points I was speaking in front of 200 workers. 

   Beneath the parcades was a concrete  cistern tank measuring 28 feet wide by over 100 feet long and only 42 inches high. With a vast amount of shoring that needed to be stripped out before the end of 2015, over the Christmas break I designed the procedures for this Confined Space Access and Egress, Air Exchanging, Emergency Procedures, including all rescue that involved the training of hand picked  crew members in the event the worse case scenario occurred. Both the Fire Chief of Abbotsford and a Confined Space expert with WorkSafeBC  approved my procedures on the first draft. 

   In my 13 months on this site, every day I packed out fresh water at 6am in 5 gallon buckets for the crew. As the structure neared completion this included a 6 flight of stairs to climb a few times with fresh H2O for my guys. Every floor had a 7 gallon water cooler. Nearing the end I audited my First Aid records. Injuries only numbered 82 in 13 months and 155,000 trade hours.  The most serious being a cut across a workers hand. The majority being Ergonomics and  a few eye injuries due to some very high gust of wind peeking at over 80 km some days. 

The Profession

Unquestionably the past few years have been quite an experience. Particularly the building of a company and the requirements behind it. Notwithstanding, the day to day office managerial duties, the task of OH&S Development and Coordinating has come like second nature. Furthermore, the Manuals I write are structured to achieve a COR status.

Coupled with the 30 plus years in the construction trades and working on various construction sites and locations around British Columbia give your firm a significant advantage  It’s not openly said, however Safety is PR. If you have an unsafe site where as workers are continually being injured, other companies will not want to work with your firm. The safer, the more prosperous you will become. So in conclusion, the video below show just a little of my talents for overseeing the OH&S program that you have.

You might want to turn up the sound. It has some good music to it. Enjoy



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