Qualitative Respirator Fit Testing

Qualitative Respirator Fit Testing



North 7700 series Half Mask

Protection against silica dust.,

WorkSafe BC Regulations 8.40 is very clear and straightforward when it comes to Respirator Fit Tests. The older buildings in our cities are being replaced as time charges forward. Moreover, as the population increases they are going to need places to live. Besides the rundown houses and older buildings, old pipe and services under ground contain deadly substances.  Built in the past using product containing Asbestos , Lead, and even still today Crystalline Silica , as well as other harmful matter like mold could be present. All of these materials can cause real damage to the human body. AS a result, FreeBird Safety Services conducts Qualitative Respirator Fit Testing for our workers. Correctly performing Respirator Fit Testing, we follow the Canadian Standards Association's guidelines. Certainly far more than just waving irritant smoke in a worker masked face, the standard is an instructional for cleaning, maintenance and care of your respirator.


The Test and Mini Course

To Summarize, Qualitative Respirator Fit Testing conducted by FreeBird Safety Services follows the CSA standards in its entirety. Each worker tested is orientated in the following tasks:

  • Complete respirator disassembling
  • Reassembling
  • Self checks
  • Storage and Care
  • Nature of the substance they are working with


To Conclude, we use VeriFit Irritant Smoke  when conducting fit tests. Each test including orientation on prior procedures takes about 30 minutes. When complete the passing workers will receive a laminated wallet card as well as a copy of the test. Qualitative Respirator Fit Test Certifications duration is for 12 months.

Servicing from various points of the Lower mainland and Fraser Valley. Greater distances of travel can be requested depending on the number of workers requiring testing.

Each test cost $30.00 plus GST.



Conducting a Qualitative Fit Test

Full Face Respirator

Qualitative Fit Testing conducted as per the CSA Standard CAN/CSA-Z94.4-93 Standard.Picture of Qualitative Fit Testing Form

Each passing tested worker receives a laminated wallet card  and a copy of the test as proof 

$30.00 per Worker Locally. Group Rates Available. Groups of 2 Workers for $50. 00 

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WorkSafe BC Reg. 8.40