Qualitative Respirator Fit Testing

Qualitative Respirator Fit Testing

Respirator Fit Testing is required when wearing any type of half mask or full-face mask. WorkSafe BC Regulations 8.40 is clear. Building construction pre-1990 used asbestos material. In the same fashion, between 1950 and 1990, over 3000 materials contained asbestos. Another substance is Lead based paint. Over all, it was widely used prior to 1960. Point often overlooked is that it's still on buildings today. In addition, up till 1990 exterior paint contained lead. Crystalline silica is still widely used in all sorts of building products. With renovations increasing, you could be in harm's way. Rundown houses and older buildings, old pipe and services under ground contain deadly substances. Built in the past product containing Asbestos , Lead, and even still today Crystalline Silica , as well as other harmful substances like mold could be present. All of these materials can cause real damage to the human body.


Fit Test and Instructional Component 

Equally important, is that all Qualitative Respirator Fit Tests follow the CSA standards. With attention to detail, workers will be orientated in:

  • Complete respirator disassembling
  • Reassembling
  • Self checks
  • Storage and Care
  • Nature of the substance they are working with

Because VeriFit irritant smoke will be used while conducting fit tests, accordingly each test procedure takes about 15 minutes per worker. On condition that workers pass, each will receive a laminated wallet card, a copy of the test and a double ziplock storage bag. In addition, each worker will also receive 2 types of cleaning towelettes, a couple hard hat stickers and this company's business card. Respirator Fit Test Certifications have a maximum duration of 1 year. Furthermore, with in that 1 year if a facial change occurs, a new test will need to be conducted.

Servicing the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. Greater distances of travel can be requested depending on the number of workers requiring testing.

$30.00 plus GST. per test

Discounts for Larger Groups of single person with multiple masks  

Gov. of Canada- Lead-Based Paint 

Asbestos awareness for homeowners

Fit Test Card 

Respirator Fit Test card

Conducting a Qualitative Fit Test

Qualitative Respirator Fit Testing conducted as per the

 CSA Standard CAN/CSA-Z94.4-93 .

$30.00 per Worker Locally. Group Rates Available.

 1 worker with 2 masks $50. 00 

Call Today for an appointment 

3M Certified. Over 500 Workers Tested and Protected 

Mike Winbow      (604) 226-5933



WorkSafe BC Reg. 8.40


Qualitative Respirator Fit Testing
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Qualitative Respirator Fit Testing
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Respirator Fit Tests is a required act when wearing any type of respirator. WorkSafe BC Regulations 8.40 is very clear and straightforward when it comes to this. $30 Each.

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