Core Values

Core Values 

FreeBird Performance Circle


The Core Values of this company are the base model for which the affair of conducting business is established. It also represents the way of professionalism is shown when working with in the occupation as an OH&S Professional. In accordance with the FreeBird Performance Circle, the actions on a construction site dictate nothing less. Always striving not to be the best, but to but our best forward. Treating the ones we work around with respect and understanding.




Accomplished through more-effective procedures, processes, technologies, and forethought. an original concept of thinking. Striving to find a better solution to a problem in which could be a consumption of resources. Innovation is developing a solution to a problem that has not yet been thought of, and implementing it.



Indeed the forward thinking and action with in. Particularly solving the problems of a safety issue that might be developing. Under those circumstances being motivated generate satisfaction of not just solving a problem but coming up with the best solution.



Most important it's not just our moral obligation, it's also a legal obligation. Hence, to own up too and having that willingness to accept responsibility. Equally accepting the result of anything that we have done in which the outcome is less than desirable. We will always be accountable for what I am responsible for. 



To emphasize and demonstrate being real and true, not false or fake. But sincere and honest. Being one of our most highest values. Because anything less than genuine and the trades on site will not trust the safety professional. Mutual trust is the start of a well-rounded OH&S Program.



In general, the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. We are  OH&S Professional with this quality inside us. Without it, we would lose the ability to care. Having Integrity gives us the ability to seek out the right decision on a safety matter.


No-Excuses Attitude:

Striving to never offer excuses . Even the mere thought of attempting to waste time thinking of an excuse for the negative result of an action is pointless. Owning up to it and fixing the issue. Then carry on discovering a better way. Accepting somebody else's idea if it makes more sense with a no excuses attitude



Unquestionably the  perfect way to describe how we run a OH&S Program.  Our goal is an incident and accident free work environment. The results and journey to that point is nothing short of pure excellence.



These 7 CORE Values have served this company well. Furthermore they have  always landed us on the side of what is right and just. Altogether our CORE Values has initiated our way of conducting the duties of which we are contracted. After all, the first duty of a safety professional is the protection of the workers Health and Safety. Even against their own will if need be. Thereafter the second duty is the protection of the company who has contracted our services. Occasionally against that companies own will if need be. Yes they both can have negative reactions to this. However, in a short time they realize that it is their safety that we regard most. Having that ability to look at a situation from outside the box and choose the correct course of action is the basis of the duty of a Safety Professional and First Aid Attendant.  Sometimes production does slow for a second. Yet one of our other duties is to have a solution at our fingertips or already in the works.   




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